An essay about the human tendency to occupy and divide territory, and the possibility of bringing down barriers.Technologies of enclosure serve to defend what has been conquered, to enclose the subjugated, to segregate otherness. The fence and the wall reinforce the illusions of property, belonging and security, meanwhile fragmenting territories and preventing the movement of human beings and other animals. Against the utopia of confinement, an unstoppable force rises up: all living beings want to be free. With the opinions of Juan Carlos Martínez, Helena Maleno, Marcello di Cintio, Slavoj Zizek, Ruth Wodak, Lynsey Hanley and Bradley Garrett.



Walkie Talkie Films



Written and directed by: Emilio Fonseca, Xiana do Teixeiro

With the support of: CCCB - Soy Cámara